the lyricist and the musician work together?

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the lyricist and the musician work together?

Post by Interlink2010 on Fri 03 Dec 2010, 09:11

Yes there are other methods. If you and your friends are just fooling around in town, or doing something constructive together like, playing a game or sport, words come to mind and you can start foolishly singing a little verse, and hey, that verse may come out to be part of a song.

Basically, what all great musicians did to find the words to a song, didn't actually "try" to find words. Like, if someone died, or if one of you have a girlfriend/boyfriend that let you have a great time, and you love them so, you'll start to think of how happy or sad you are, and that will inspire you to write down a few phrases or a whole few verses out. This soon could become a song. Most songs are actually about love you know.

Have you ever heard of The Beatles' songs? Well, most of their early songs are based on love. Like, "Love Me Do" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand". Around 85% - 90% of all music is about love.

So, honestly, if I were to write a song, I'd write about my crush, and how my friend loved him too. =P But that's just me.



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